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Intelligent Futures Australia Pty Ltd is very proud to introduce Digital Media Academy Tech Camp to Australia. As a business partner, our mission is to deliver the DMA STEM program to the Southern Hemisphere teens and kids. 


Digital Media Academy began on the campus of Stanford University in 1999 as the Academy for New Media, it was program owned and operated by the Academic Technology department of Stanford University. From 2002, DMA has set out to be the thought-leader in tech education for kids and teens at prestigious universities across the U.S. and Canada. The instructors and curriculum developers of DMA include industry professionals and outstanding technology educators, with a driving passion for inspiring, teaching, and mentoring.



Intelligent Futures began running camps in 2019 at Monash University Clayton campus and included two courses based upon Artificial Intelligence and Programming. This year, we are planning on releasing more courses from ages 9-18 including Graphic Design, Filmmaking and Game Development.

Each course runs from Monday to Friday for a week, from 9 am till 5 pm with three breaks in between. Each class has between 16 and 24 students, with two experienced instructors teaching the course. For more information on camps, visit the link below.

Here are some of our most popular courses coming up.

Adventures in LEGO Robotics & Coding



Learn the basics of robotics and coding with Lego and build an program robots which complete a series of challenges.

Intro to Game Design with Unity



Practice using the Unity editor to create levels and environments, program mechanics in C# and create a few guided projects.

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with Python



Learn how to build a digital machine that can do a book report and have the opportunity to build neural nets that play games and translate text.

Adventures in Game Design



Showcase your personality by creating a game that’s as unique as yourself and bring your ideas and stories to life.

Masterclass: YouTube + Instagram + TikTok



Learn top thematic styles utilized by social video content creators across platforms.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with Python



In this course, we’ll take a closer look at machine learning tools, and use them to do amazing things.

Game Development with Unity & VR



Learn the skills you need to create virtual reality games and experiences for your mobile phone or headset.

Intro to Filmmaking & Video Production with Premiere



Learn the ins and outs of video production and make films while using the editing suite trusted by the professionals.





Hi, I'm Harrison, I'm studying Astrophysics and Game Programming. Just as I'm fascinated with all things STEM, I am dedicated to teaching the next generation of scientists and programmers the important skill of coding - it's not just practical, it's a lot of fun!


Piermon photo_edited.jpg

I'm Piermon. I'm studying Mechatronics, I love robots, programming and music.


helen jiang photo.jpg

Hi, I'm Helen. I'm finishing my studies in Master of Biomedical Engineering, I have previously taught Game Design, Coding and Mathematics to students and highly value the importance of STEM education to develop problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. 


Pedram photo.png

Hi, I'm Pedram. I'm studying Mechatronics engineering and I'm a TA at Monash University with a demonstrated background in the design of robotic arms. I currently lead a team of 10 through the mechanical design of the new robotic arm for the 2020 mars rover at Monash Nova Rover.

2020, We are proud to announce our partnership with the Monash Nova Rover team, and many of our instructors are dedicated individuals from the team.


This student-run team at Monash University creates a Mars rover analog each year to compete at the University Rover Challenge in Utah, US. In 2019, they were the only Australian team to compete and finished 9th in the world. To see more, visit their website at