Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with Python


28 June 2020


3 July 2020

Artifical Intelligence and automation are expected to replace nearly half of all jobs that are currently done by 16-24 year olds. Get ahead of this trend by learning how the machines that will do those jobs work! This course builds on students existing knowledge of the basics of Python and machine learning. Students will build a digital machine that can do a book report and have the opportunity to build neural nets that play games and translate text.

At the beginning of the week, students will explore how artificial intelligence applies to data, tools, and services then learn how they can apply AI to their own projects. By the end of the week, students will dive in the theory and math of machine learning, and solve data problems using those skills and strategies.

Hardware and Software

Python, Javascript + Tensorflow



Camp Days

1 Week (Mon - Fri)

Staff Ratio


Daily Camp Hours

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Number of Students


REQUIRED Prerequisites

Requires previous knowledge of python programming. Intermediate competency of algebra is recommended.

What Students Learn
  • Machine Learning and Neural Network fundamentals

  • The strengths and limitations of making AI predict outcomes

  • How image recognition and data science can be applied to solve problems

What Students Create
  • An Image classifier on a category of their choice

  • An AI to let you play games with webcam video

  • Visualizations and insights from your chosen data

Price (AUD)


Came Overview + Schedule

Take a look at your camp schedule, learn more about tuition and explore add-ons.


Tuition Includes

  • Personalized Feedback + Student Achievement Report

  • Diploma or Certificate of Completion

  • Low staff to student ratios

  • Take home select technology hardware

  • Alumni Club Benefits

Friday Showcase

At the end of each week, attendees can invite their family and friends to join us for a showcase celebration to share their final projects. Learn more about the fun and exciting activities your child experienced during the week and have an opportunity to meet your child’s instructor. Presentations vary by course topic and instructors will highlight some of the important concepts covered during the week and possible next steps to continue your child’s learning. Arrive early as showcase begins at 3:00 pm and is typically finished by 4:00 pm.