Filmmaking & Visual Effects with After Effects


28 June 2020


3 July 2020

Video and Film these days involves a lot of post-production work to create the incredible visual experiences we enjoy today. Building on students existing knowledge of the basic principles of filmmaking in this course students hit the ground running, beginning with a rapid short narrative project that they complete during the first day of the course.

Students then learn about title design and basic visual effects or VFX with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, before launching into their second short film project. Students will learn how to use a green screen effectively. Additionally, students will gain a basic knowledge of sound design for video and film production with Adobe Premiere Pro. Film projects can be in a range of genres including narrative, music video, documentary, feature and more.

Hardware and Software

Canon DSLR Cameras, Rode Mics, Audio Kits – Shotgun Mics, Boom Poles, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Slik U8000 Tripod



Camp Days

1 Week (Mon-Fri)

Staff Ratio


Daily Camp Hours

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Number of Students


REQUIRED Prerequisites

Students are required to bring headphones. Previous experience with DSLR cameras & editing software such as Adobe Premiere is expected.

What Students Learn
  • Advanced cinematography and the importance of mise-en-scene

  • Cinematography with DSLR Cameras

  • Basic Adobe Photoshop and After Effects workflow for VFX

  • Green screen editing techniques with Adobe After Effects

  • Advanced post-production editing techniques with Adobe Premiere

  • The philosophy & technology behind sound design

What Students Create
  • An original script

  • Dialogue scene

  • Protagonist versus Antagonist scene

  • Final project – a short narrative film

Price (AUD)


Came Overview + Schedule

Take a look at your camp schedule, learn more about tuition and explore add-ons.


Tuition Includes

  • Personalized Feedback + Student Achievement Report

  • Diploma or Certificate of Completion

  • Low staff to student ratios

  • Take home select technology hardware

  • Alumni Club Benefits

Friday Showcase

At the end of each week, attendees can invite their family and friends to join us for a showcase celebration to share their final projects. Learn more about the fun and exciting activities your child experienced during the week and have an opportunity to meet your child’s instructor. Presentations vary by course topic and instructors will highlight some of the important concepts covered during the week and possible next steps to continue your child’s learning. Arrive early as showcase begins at 3:00 pm and is typically finished by 4:00 pm.