Artificial Intelligence with Python

CS03 - Computer Science Level 3, Ages 14+

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Artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, is everywhere in our modern world; from our phones to our cars, to simply borrowing a book from a library. AI is the simulation of human thought processes in machines and is developed with unique mathematical and computational algorithms. It can be used to solve problems faster than a conventional computer, and in advanced cases, can imitate human behaviour and sometimes outperform humans in targeted tasks. In the past, AI has been difficult to develop, but with new progress in programming and the world of the Internet, building an AI system to solve a problem has never been easier. Python is an incredibly popular language common in data science and is great for developing AI solutions to problems. This course will use Python to demonstrate different fields of automation and data analysis and provide examples of how AI can be done in your own projects. The course will explore some of the more popular concepts such as image classification and segmentation, logistic regression and natural language processing and deliver each topic in an accessible Python lesson. This course requires students to have a moderate understanding of python, as concepts covered are advanced and the course will not teach the basics of python. However, advance experience is not required. It is expected that students, prior to this class, understand variables, lists, loops, conditionals and functions in python. Python is a popular language, and the Internet is full of fantastic free tutorials to learn the language. Codecademy is a particularly useful resource for learning python and is encouraged prior to beginning this course. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure that we place all students in the correct class of the appropriate level, we require all students to complete the following quiz. Only once you have received an email back from the Intelligent Futures team should you register your student in the class. Notification of acceptance will occur within 2 business days of the quiz filling. The acceptance is purely based on skill/experience and age range and no other factors. Should you purchase the class and not meet the required prerequisites, you will receive a full refund. Please complete this form if you are interested in booking and wait until the acceptance before purchasing for the class:

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